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Applied Sound Therapy


Applied Sound Therapy is a way to restore integrity to cells, tissues and organs with sound waves. It is applied to the skin, like ultrasound, but its frequencies are in the audible sound spectrum, and there are specific combinations of frequencies for different problems.

Sound therapy has a history of many decades of clinical success in the U.K. It was developed by Peter Guy Manners, D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy). He practiced sound therapy (called cymatherapy by Dr. Manners) for more than 30 years at a large clinic, and had remarkable results with thousands of patients. One of his principal students, Chris Gibbs, still operates three clinics in the U.K. To learn more about the way it is practiced there, see http://www.cyma-therapyclinic.co.uk. At present, we are the only practitioners of Applied Sound Therapy in the Chicago area. There are a few other practitioners in the United States at this time.

What is sound therapy good for?

We have found that applying sound to the body is successful for a variety of problems, including allergies, alopecia, arthritic pain, concussions, digestive problems, sprains, tendon and ligament injury, sinus congestion, mood, stress, fatigue, and many others.

Does it hurt?

No, it is painless and non-invasive. The sounds are applied to your body with a small, convenient, speaker device. The therapy feels to most people like a very light, soothing vibratory massage.

Is it expensive?

No, it is very economical. You only have to pay for a program once, and you can use it from then on. For example, some of our patients have had great success with the muscle sprain and strain program, and have been able to pass it along at no extra cost to other family members if they have a diagnosis of muscle sprain or strain. Of course we always caution everyone to see a physician and make sure they have a complete diagnosis before they use Applied Sound Therapy.

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