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Integrative Environmental Medicine Chicago

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Welcome to Wellness Associates of Chicago

Center for Advanced Integrative Environmental Medicine

Martha H. Howard, MD
Leon Chen, OMD
Gene Arbetter, CMT
Chris Costas, MD

We use the same ecological practices that preserve our planet to protect your health. We combine advanced knowledge and methods from the world's best health systems to solve your health problems.

Let's talk about feeling healthier, younger, and happier.

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"Alive and Well" Book written by Dr. Martha Howard

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For more information and an interview about Dr. Howard's new book, Alive and Well: Your Survival Guide for the Health Care Apocalypse, CLICK HERE

Alive and Well Book by Dr. Martha Howard

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"Our daughter was in "medical hell" for five years, sores over her whole body, gum disease, poor growth, ear infections, asthma, and ADD, with doctor visits two to four times a month, and constant antibiotics. After seeing Dr. Howard, getting tested, and following her individualized allergen-free diet, she is completely well. In the year after her two visits to Wellness, she had one doctor visit only - when she hurt her hand on the playground."

B's mom

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