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      I just wanted to give Dr. Howard and her associates many thanks for truly improving my quality of life in a major way. I have been suffering with eczema on my hands for the past 3 years which limited me in so many activities. It affected me professionally as well as personally. People might speculate that this condition is minor but it really does interfere with every activity you do every day. My hands were constantly itchy, dry, cracking, painful and infected. I tried so many different topical products I have lost count. All of the dermatologists that I consulted with threw some ointments at me (many with steroids) and seemed most eager to push me out the door instead of genuinely caring about me as a patient (and human being). My experience with Dr. Howard was vastly different than that. In this day and age it seems close to impossible to find a health care provider that will spend any length of time with you or show any amount of empathy. Dr. Howard was that one in a million, and her associates were extremely friendly and caring as well. Nobody ever thought to look at the underlying problem of why I was experiencing such bad eczema. The "solution" seemed to be merely masking the real problem by attempting to treat only the symptoms and not eliminate the true cause. Dr. Howard was able to determine that I am allergic to dairy. About 3 weeks after eliminating dairy from my diet my hands started to clear up and I started to feel like a healthy person again. It has been about 3 months now and I am ecstatic to say that I am still doing great. I can't thank Dr. Howard enough for what she has done for me.

      - Anne Stein

      I worked for years to find answers to mysterious fatigue and pervasive joint pain; I found relief through physical therapy, sleep therapy, diet, exercise, and a disciplined lifestyle but problems remained. Working with Doctor Howard and the great staff at Wellness Associates has been a terrific experience in finding more answers, new tools and a whole new level of good health. I have made great progress in identifying underlying causes that are being addressed with the right supplements, hormones and dietary avoidance. Her testing is amazing, and she is perceptive in gauging her patients, and very good at finding solutions. I?m grateful to have found this practice and commend Wellness Associates to anyone with puzzling or long term illnesses or issues -- or to anyone wanting to examine their lifestyle for performance improvements.

      - Sharon Sherman

      I wanted to let you know I have gotten rid of my Crohn's Disease! All the things you helped me with--digestive enzymes, vitamins, probiotics, staying away from the foods I was allergic to, and not eating too much meat—doing all this over the years made it go away completely. The last colonoscopy showed NO trace of Crohn’s! Thank you for giving me an open mind to alternative medicine. When my doctor recommended me to you over 20 years ago little did I know how it would change my life. Thank you!

      - Ms. S.A.

      Our daughter was in "medical hell" for five years, sores over her whole body, gum disease, poor growth, ear infections, asthma, and ADD, with doctor visits two to four times a month, and constant antibiotics. After seeing Dr. Howard, getting tested, and following her individualized allergen-free diet, she is completely well. In the year after her two visits to Wellness, she had one doctor visit only - when she hurt her hand on the playground.

      - B’s Mom

      I had what seemed like constant flu, and it was getting worse. Doctors couldn't find anything wrong. I was told I might have an autoimmune disease. Dr. Howard did her detective work and found out I was allergic to cedar, of all things - and I had just put a huge cedar closet in my bedroom. Now I'm away from the cedar, and my health is great.

      - P.R.

      I had terrible migraine headaches and dry eyes. I saw an internist, a neurologist and a rheumatologist, and was told I might have "mixed connective tissue disease." It turns out I was allergic to milk and eggs. The headaches and dry eyes went away, and I am well today - so well that I learned to ride a motorcycle and took a trip to Morocco.

      - D.C.

      Dr. Howard saved my life. I weighed 250 pounds, was tired, and always sick. Every other doctor I went to never thought of food allergies. I was starting to believe I was just meant to feel bad all the time. Dr. Howard diagnosed my food allergies. By changing my diet, my whole world changed, my daily symptoms disappeared, and I have already lost 75 pounds. I can't thank Dr. Howard enough for vastly improving my quality of life and health.

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      - Ms. L.W.

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