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      Anti-Aging Medicine in Chicago, IL

      Integrative Anti-Aging Medicine

      Turn back the clock! If you are tired of taking costly drugs and not feeling better, and if you're tired of hearing, "you're just getting older" from your doctor, see our anti-aging doctors and add years to your life.

      Anti Aging Medicine Chicago

      Our anti-aging physicians can help you discover how your aging process is affecting your health, and how to stay younger and longer.

      Dr. Howard has many years of experience with integrative anti-aging methods. Dr. Howard's own father was put in hospice, and thanks to Dr. Howard's care, became a "hospice graduate" and spent another year in reasonably good health, able to travel and enjoy his life.

      Anti-Aging Medicine Treatments

      We have many ways to reverse aging, both in how you feel and how you look:

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